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Beginners guide to renting a Recreational Vehicle

If the possibility of renting a Recreational Vehicle (RV) this year was never in your plans then you might want to starting thinking about it now. The idea of an RV vacation with your friends or family is looking more attractive than ever.
Having your own private space where you can control what and who comes in and out may be the driving force.
Many people wanting to travel this year will be destined to try out an RV holiday for the first time.
Demand for Recreational Vehicles is soaring, with first-time RV renters in particular causing phones to ring off the hook.
And they have a lot of questions?
Of course, knowing how to rent an RV takes a little more research than renting a van or a car but it’s less intimidating than most people think.
To get you started, read on for everything a first-timer should know when considering an RV rental, and you’ll be hitting the road in no time.


What model of motorhome or campervan to rent?

After deciding on the right RV class, choosing the specific model to rent will depend on the RVs available near you.
There are some standards you can count on across the board, including campsite hook-up tools like sewer hoses and electric cables, small kitchens (with a two to four burner stoves, microwave, and small fridge), and bathrooms with a toilet, small sink, and shower drain on the floor.

But some rentals will also come with kitchen accessories, like pots and pans; others may come with outdoor chairs. Some include none of the above.

Most Importantly if your renting a motorhome make sure its fitted with a REVERSING CAMERA!
You want to know what they’re giving you so you know what to bring along!


What size of Recreational Vehicle to start with?

The first thing to learn are your ABC’s.
All RVs are divided into A, B, and C classifications which relate to the size of the RV.
Limit yourself to B and C classes if you’re a first-time renter, since they’re smaller and easier to manoeuvre than the bus-like Class A RV’s
Class B motorhomes are normally between 4.2 and 6.6 metres long.
Class B motorhomes are basically camper vans, ideal for between 2 and 4 people traveling together.
Class C motorhomes, usually between 6.3 and 10 metres long, have an overhead cab area that provides extra space for sleeping, in addition to the larger interior space ideal for families of up to six.
Class A RVs are far larger up to 14 metres long?think Rockstar tour truck! Class A motorhomes drive like the big buses they are!
If you decide to rent a class A RV make sure you have the correct license credentials!


Mapping out your journey in your motorhome or campervan

On short trips of a week or two, planning in advance is essential for making the most of your time? That starts with deciding exactly where you plan to park up along your route.
Lastly, always do a walk-through of your RV before you set off!
Things like operating the heating system (some Recreational Vehicle Rental companies offer a video illustrating this) electrical hook-ups, and dumping the water tanks are all crucial to using the RV and need to be done properly. Ask the companies staff any questions you have before you head out. A common mistake is not knowing how to operate the awning, if the RV you’re staying in has one.
It may take some prep work, but once all of the above is said and done and you know how to rent an RV, you can hit the road?and enjoy both the journey and the destination!


Where to book?

There are many RV rental companies to choose from, but try to find a local company with a good reputation and obviously one that provides a good standard or Recreational Vehicle for the right price.
Make sure all insurance, taxes, unlimited mileage and breakdown cover are included in the price.
Some RV rental companies offer free parking at there premises while you are renting the motorhome or camper van.
We offer impeccable service! Try it yourself, book now!


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